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Welcome to the IGCS

The IGCS serves the cooperation between German and Indian scientists on fundamental and applied research, teaching and training, dissemination of information in the area of sustainable development. Its special focus is the protection of the environment considering water resources, energy, land use and rural development and waste management. The Centre should promote the development of relevant ideas on and solutions to specific local issues, through interdisciplinary research and study projects in the above mentioned areas. The IGCS will additionally contribute to the intensification of Indo-German cooperation in key academic fields.


The IGCS aims at developing the capacity and the capability to promote sustainable development in Germany, India and South Asia. Sub-topics of research can be identified within the above mentioned core areas.  Sustainability with respect to economic, ecologic and social issues significantly enhances the existing research activities and courses offered at the IITM.  German and Indian expertise merge in joint research projects, the development of additional study programmes and in joint degree programmes.

An essential component of the IGCS’s trans-disciplinary approach is the cooperation with other institutions and organizations in order to make use of existing information, research, capacity, (best practice) experience and ongoing initiatives in the different areas of sustainable development. The research of this centre will help to meet the challenges of the global change regarding water and energy in the future.


1. The Indo-German Dialogue on Green Urban Practices is ready to take off for round no. 3!

The Indo-German Dialogue has brought together academics, civil society activists, government officials, policy makers and the corporate sector from Germany and India together to address the challenges of urbanization and sustainability since 2017. This year, 33 attendees will use this platform to go forth with new transdisciplinary research and practice projects. The dialogue takes place from December 5-7 at Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Edu


2. Conference report: Waste management for resilient cities and gender perspectives

The Chair of Waste Management and Emissions at the Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management (ISWA), University of Stuttgart, and IGCS were present at the International Solid Waste Association World Congress that took place from the 7th to 10th October, 2019 in Bilbao, Spain. In a session with the connecting theme Empowering Women in Recycling and the Circular Economy, Dr. Gabriela Garcés presented encouraging ideas


2019 IGCS Summer School: Growing through diversity

The IGCS Summer School on Smart Grids – Electricity Networks as the Backbone of a Carbon Neutral Society was conducted on the campus of the Technische Universität Dresden which is located in the beautifully reconstructed old town of Dresden, Germany. There were students from all backgrounds of academia, be it electrical or mechanical engineering or architecture or economics or environmental science, and I, Muskaan Kochar, consider myself privileged to

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Bulletin No 20

The IGCS Bulletin Vol 5, Issue 4 is published. The last month was turbulent. Demonetization (Nov 8th), Honorable Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s demise (Dec 5th), and cyclone Vardah (Dec 12th) are testing the resilience of people in India, Tamil Nadu and Chennai, the latter coping with all three events accumulated. Apart from this, this bulletin demonstrates that the IGCS is as vibrant as ever. We held several workshops, were present at the Cityscapes Confe


Bulletin No 19

The IGCS Bulletin Vol 5, Issue 3 is out. Read about IGCS´s numerous activites with German and Indian researchers such as the joint Summer School at TU Berlin, GIZ collaboration in the Cities fit for Climate Change-Project. An interesting opinion is published by Dr. Avilash Roul, IGCS Senior Scientist on “Ocean Governance: Samudra Manthan 2.0”. If you wish to receive the Bulletin on a regular basis, please contact portius(at)igcs-chennai.org


Bulletin No 18

The latest Bulletin is out:  IGCS Bulletin Vol 5, Issue 2. Read about IGCS´s numerous activites with German and Indian researchers such as the Indo-German conference on Sustainability in February, the IGCS Winter School on Biofuels, the Winter School on Air Pollution, the Conference on Air Quality and the Panel on Disaster Management at IIT Madras. IGCS hosts a short term lecturer, Dr. Roos Gerritsen from University of Heidelberg and several students fro

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2 days ago


Day 2 Co-Creation of the Living Environment:

The second day of the Indo-German Dialogue brought us to different places all over Pune to learn about co-created urban environments. We saw examples for co-created urban green spaces and co-created streets. The highlight was the visit of the township Jahangir Nagar. The so called “Chaan-Daar 2” project is an initiative taken up by Pune Biennale Foundation for upliftment of public spaces in slums and settlements. In this process of beautification, the community was supported by a group of artists and painted their houses: A metaphorical opening of minds towards beautiful and clean-living environment!
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3 days ago


News from India:
We are excited to announce that the 3rd Indo-German Dialogue on Green Urban Practices started today in Pune with the title “Co-creation of the Living Environment” (5-7 December 2019).
The event is hosted by Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Education and Research (BVIEER) and the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) in Pune and was co-organised with the Indo-German Centre for Sustainability (IGCS).
The Indo-German Dialogue is a continuous series of an annual interaction of academics, civil society activists, government officials, policy makers, and the corporate sector. Its key objective is to provide a platform for intercultural knowledge sharing between India and Germany to address the challenges of urbanization and sustainability from a broad perspective.
The German Consul from Mumbai, Dr. Jürgen Morhad welcomed the 30 delegates from India and Germany and many Indian students and highlighted the importance of sustainable growth and urban resilience not only in India but worldwide.
The attendees have broad experiences of social urban innovation with mixed backgrounds in the urban food and agriculture sector, architecture, real world labs and learning and education for sustainability.
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2 weeks ago


IGCS Winter School 2020: Application deadline approaches (25.11. 7:30 am CET)!! Apply now! ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago


Hannah from RWTH Aachen University took away lots of inspiration when she took part in the last IGCS winter school. Is it your turn next February? Apply now!

Link to our online application: bit.ly/2phnJm8
Deadline is November 25, 7:30 am (German time)!Du studierst und möchtest genau wie Hannah spannende Erfahrungen zu interessanten Themen, wie nachhaltige Landentwicklung, im Ausland sammeln? 🤩🌏 Dann bewirb dich jetzt für ein Stipendium der IGCS Winter School im Februar 2020 in Chennai, Indien. 🇮🇳😉 Alle Infos findest du hier:

➡️ www.igcs-chennai.rwth-aachen.de/igcs-schools-2020/
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1 month ago


Thanks DAAD for reminding us that there is still time to apply for the IGCS winter school!!! Apply now if you are interested in sustainable land management or related fields!Du machst gerade deinen Master oder PhD an einer deutschen Universität und interessierst dich u.a. für nachhaltige Landentwicklung? 😊 Dann bewirb dich jetzt für die Winter School am IGCS in Chennai, Indien 🎓🇮🇳 und erhalte ein Stipendium in Höhe von 1.400 Euro.

Infos zur Winter School:

➡ bit.ly/2ULQpxS
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