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Report: Recap of this year’s IGCS Summer School

IGCS Summer school at RWTH Aachen University. Source: Schmitter Photography, 2018.

IGCS students Soumita Banerjee and Sujay Bandyopadhyay published a short summary of this year’s summer school on coastal and river hazards & management strategies which took place in the second half of July 2018. It is an easy read, contains many keynotes on the topic and provides some insights into IGCS activities.  The article was published December 17 2018 on EOS, Earth & Space Science News. Follow this link to read the full article.

Enjoy and feel free to share!


Preview of the article. Source: Screenshot of the online article “Bridging the Gap Between Sustainability and Disaster Management”, published 17th of December 2018 by EOS Earth & Space Science News. Screenshot taken 19th of December.

The IGCS would like to add to the article that we offer each a winter school and summer school a year. Furthermore, the IGCS is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Indian Department of Science and Technology and by Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH.