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Final Report on “Urban Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change in Chennai” by Students of TU Dortmund

In March 2014 a group of 15 Bachelor students from the School of Spatial Planning, Technical University Dortmund in Germany, conducted a two week long field trip as part of a one year long studio work. Intensive preparation including literature review, generating a conceptual framework and a research methodology preceded this excursion. During their visit, the German students met with IIT Madras students who work on the Buckingham Canal to share their ideas and experiences. IIT Madras students also facilitated field visits and provided support as interpreters.
After completing the project, which is an integral part of the study program similar to real world planning exercises, the group delivered a comprehensive more than 200 pages long final report in autumn 2014, which is available for download here. Supervised by Mrs. Ariana Fuerst and Dr. Johannes Lückenkötter, the field work was guided by IGCS Professor Dr. Christoph Woiwode.