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Bulletin No 17

It gives us great pleasure in bringing out the IGCS Bulletin Vol 5, Issue 1.
Read about IGCS´s numerous activites with German and Indian researchers in the Peri-Urban Sustainability Project of IGCS, workshops and guests at IIT Madras. IGCS hosts a new German short term lecturer, Dr. Roos Gerritsen from University of Heidelberg and several students from FU Berlin and Universities of Cologne and Passau.

An opinion is published on The Chennai Flood 2015: Trapped in the Tragedy of the Commons? by Christoph Woiwode, IGCS, IIT Madras. Please find the link for the photo report here.

If you wish to receive the Bulletin on a regular basis, please contact portius(at)igcs-chennai.org. Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome.