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CfA: Expert Meeting on “Recent advancement in online/remote water quality monitoring and management technologies”

Professors from RWTH Aachen University / Indo German Centre for Sustainability (IGCS) at IIT Madras and the Department of Mining Engineering of Anna University in India will jointly organize an expert meeting from 2-4 February 2016 in Chennai, India. This expert meeting is funded by the Indo-German Science and Technology Centre (IGSTC) and will support the travel expenses of up to 10 participants from German institutions and 10 participants from Indian institutions. Applications will be selected based on a first comes first approach and the specific contribution proposed by the applicant to the expert discussions.


Experts from Indian institutions, kindly send your expression of interest and working title of your presentation to

Dr. Subramani | geosubramani@annauniv.edu
Experts from German institutions, kindly send your expression of interest and working title of your presentation to

Dr. Franziska Steinbruch | steinbruch@igcs-chennai.org
The talks will focus on the below main topics:

Focus Discussions

DP1: Technologies for remote monitoring of water and waste water quality

In this package discussions will be made on the existing satellite and sensing systems, airborne and unmanned systems, and ground-based systems for the remote monitoring of water and waste water quality. Interactions will be made for the development of wireless based real-time water quality monitoring technologies.

DP2: Combining remote water quality monitoring with the monitoring of the hydrological cycle and water budgets

This package will mainly deal with hydrological modeling and remote sensing based discharge monitoring linking water quantity to contaminant loads and pathways.

DP3: Techniques of remote sensing for the monitoring of spatial and temporal variation of contaminant loads

Remote sensing techniques for monitoring the variation of turbidity, temperature, nutrients, pathogens, dissolved oxygen and contaminants with respect to space and time will be dealt in this package. Focus will be given for the dispersion of industrial pollutants/effluents as well as diffuse pollution.

Discussions will be made on ’water quality and proxies’ such asalgae blooms, upwelling, fish dying etc.

DP4: Technologies to integrate remote and online water quality monitoring into water management and decision-making
This package will deal with the integration of remote and online water quality data, its transformation into information for decision-making and public participation.

DP5: Online and global portals and platforms for water quality monitoring, data and information sharing and dissemination
This package will concentrate on existing global and national online water quality monitoring platforms and data portals and look for the potential linkages between Germany and India as well as opportunities of downscaling to particular catchments or water bodies.