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IGCS Energy Symposium

Indian and German scientists convened on Dec 5, 2013 at IGCS. The symposium on “Future Sustainable Energy Systems: Indian and German Perspectives” was devoted to identify research of common interest for both countries in the field of energy. A total of seven presentations and a poster competition covered a wide spectrum of energy-related topics of both technical and economic nature, e.g. CO² sequestration, coal technologies, solar technologies, biomass, gas and wind turbines as well as smart grids. Also addressed was the future development plans with respect to a secure, economically viable, and sustainable energy supply system for both countries. The organizers, Prof A Kumar Kolar (IIT Madras) and Prof F Behrendt (TU Berlin, Germany), can be contacted for further details. (Picture: Prof O. C. Paschereit, TU Berlin | Dr P Sasidhar, IGCS)



IGCS Symposium Future Sustainable Energy Systems Schedule


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