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IGCS Summer School 2012 at TU Berlin

BERLIN, Jul. 17—After nine days of intense discussion and project work on the grounds of the EUREF Campus, the 2012 Summer School has wrapped!  Entitled “Meeting the Challenges of Advanced Energy Systems for the Future,” the program included presentations by faculty and field experts from a variety of disciplines.  Topics encountered during the Summer School addressed a range of material; whether analyzing Energy Policy or gaining insight into Wastewater Treatment Technologies, the schedule sought to emphasize cross-discipline exchange and collaboration.  In addition to daily lectures, visits to local sites of industry such as the Vattenfall Cogeneration Plant (Mitte) and BSR Incineration Facility (Ruhleben) established firm links between theory and practice.

IGCS offers a round of thanks to everyone involved in the 2012 Summer School and looks forward to future programming!