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IGCS Summer School 2014 at Stuttgart University successfully concluded

On Saturday, 28th June 2014 IGCS scholarship holders from India and Germany successfully finished their two week IGCS Summer school “Sustainable Management of Resources – Closing the Loop: Solid Waste and Waste Water Management” at University of Stuttgart at ISWA organized by Prof. M. Kranert, IGCS Area Coordinator Waste Management. Project work with IGCS Area Coordinator, Dr. L. Philip, IGCS professor Dr. F. Steinbruch, IGCS Alumna Dr. K. Steger, ISWA staff member Dr. B. Kuch and Director of Thema Umwelt Aachen, Dr. K. Drees led to fine student projects in the field of Waste Management and Waste Water Management.


Program_IGCS Summer School 2014 Stuttgart