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IGCS Summer School 2015 at Kiel University

On Wednesday 27th May, 2015 the IGCS Summer School “Sustainable Water Management in Rural Landscapes” (May 27 – June 10, 2015) was opened at Kiel University. The particpants from 14 different Indian and German universities were greeted by the host, Prof. Dr. Fohrer, IGCS Area Coordinator Water Management, the dean of the faculty of agricultural and nutritional sciences, Prof. Hartung. Dr. Schmode, head of the International Center, welcomed the students on behalf of Kiel University and gave an overview of the history and current developments. Prof. BS Murty, Prof. Ligy Philip, Prof. Franziska Steinbruch, Dr. Mohan Kanda and Dr. P. Sasidhar gave their lectures around the topic Water Management in India during the first two days. Further lectures, SWAT exercises, student projects and excursions to the pittoresque surroundings of Kiel were also be part of the program that was organized by Dr. Georg Hörmann and RWTH Aachen University.


Pictures [(c) Georg Hörmann]