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IGCS Workshop on “Improving Energy Sustainability – Conventional and Renewable”, Dec. 4-5, 2014, Visveswaraya Seminar Hall, IIT Madras

Sustainability is fast becoming the keyword in all development domains, especially in the area of energy. The Workshop will focus on Technologies in the energy domain with emphasis on Gas, Coal and Solar Thermal Energies. The topics that will be touched upon will be technologies related to Gas Turbines, Production of Liquid Fuels from Coal and other sources and Solar Thermal Technology. There will be invited talks from specialists from India and Germany (TU Berlin).
It is also proposed to organise a Field Visit to a Solar Thermal Plant, designed and installed by specialists from IIT Madras as a part of the Workshop.
The Workshop will provide an opportunity for students, researchers and policy makers to interact with each other and evolve strategies to assess the impact of emerging technologies in providing a sustainable Energy Scenario.

Picture: (c) OWI