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Message from Alumni: IGCS-fellows, take part in the survey and network!

IGCS-Alumni meet for a Design-Thinking Workshop in in Heidelberg in November 2018. Photo: Partik Kumar, 2018.

Dear Fellow IGCS Alumni,

We are pleased to announce that we have received over a hundred responses from the Alumni survey so far. It was wonderful to see so many Fellow IGCS Alumni interested to participate, share and contribute towards the IGCS Alumni Network.

We are now in the planning stage of an ideal alumni network meet, taking feedback from a similar wonderful event organised by the IGCS team in Heidelberg, Germany, last year. We are working towards planning our first IGCS Alumni Network Meet in India and in this respect, we are ideating on the following themes

  • Aim of the Event: What to hope to Achieve from the first event?
  • Audience: Who and how many to expect to attend? Their wants?
  • Event Format: A lecture / talk; Informal gathering;
  • Company visits/tours; hosting a formal lunch/dinner. It is important that the event format should match the audience and purpose of the event.
  • Date and Time: For maximum participation
  • Promotion: The best way to reach out to our other Fellow Alumni, promote IGCS events and IGCS in the country

However, if you missed taking the the survey due to some reasons, there is another chance for you all to connect with us and become a part of IGCS Alumni Network. If you have been a part of IGCS before as a ‘Project Member’ (e-g- Steering Committee) or have received the IGCS Scholarship in the past, you are eligible to be a part of this network; given that you are willing to

  • Reconnect with IGCS
  • Volunteer for IGCS Alumni Network
  • Attend IGCS Alumni Network Events
  • Be a Resource (share knowledge and experience)
  • Commit to Staying in touch with key IGCS People
  • Be a People Connector

Then, you are most welcomed to be a part of this network and we would be happy to have you in the team. All you have to do is fill out a quick survey! Deadline is November 10 2019.

Thank you all for your responses and looking forward to future meetings and connections.

Shishir and Sakshi
for IGCS Alumni India
You can reach the two via email: alumni@igcs-chennai.org