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IGCS Postdocs

German IGCS partner universities hired Postdocs who translate the agenda items of IGCS into action, carrying Indo-German teaching and research in sustainability topics forward.

Dr. Daniel Rosado – Focus Area Water Management

Dr. Daniel Rosado conducts research on pollution in aquatic ecosystems and water treatment and is interested in pollutant’s fate, their effects on aquatic biota and human health, and restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

He holds a PhD in Chemical and Environmental Technology from Universidad de Sevilla, Spain. He also was an associate professor of different subjects related to water pollution and environmental engineering at the Department of Chemistry, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja in Ecuador.

Dr. Christoph Woiwode – Focus Area Land Use, Rural and Urban Planning

Dr. Christoph Woiwode has accumulated more than twenty years experience of working and living in India. He holds a PhD in Planning Studies from the Development Planning Unit, University of London. Christoph graduated in urban and regional planning (TU Berlin) and social anthropology (FU Berlin). Previously he was a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at Bath Spa University (2017-2019), a long-term visiting professor at the IGCS in Chennai (2013-2016), lecturer at the Faculty of Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund, Germany (2008-2012), and a planning advisor with the German development agency in Sri Lanka (2005-2007).

His research areas cover sustainable urbanisation, climate change and disaster risk mitigation, urban socio-cultural change and transformation, theory and practice of urban planning and governance, international development, India/South Asia.