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IGCS Scholarships 2018: Last call!

The IGCS awards research scholarships for excellent Masterstudents, PhD-students and Postdocs at German universities who plan to conduct a research stay in at least one of the IGCS’ focus areas in India. The only condition is to complete your stay in India latest by January 2019.

The students who are awarded with will receive a monthly scholarship:
Master students: 975€ lump sum + 50€ health insurance
PhD students: 1525€ lump sum + 50€ health insurance
Postdocs: 3514€ lump sum

Candidates with exceptional applications will also be granted mobility costs to fly to India.

Please find all details in each call (download available in the section Offers).

Deadline is August 15 2018.

Scholarships for Indian students will be announced soon.