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2. Dr. Christoph Woiwode participates in the 2020 Fireflies Dialogues in Bangalore

Organised annually by Pipal Tree of Fireflies Intercultural Centre near Bangalore, more than 60 participants from India and abroad met to discuss and share their views on climate change and environment along the key questions of the title “What Hope? What Action?…in the Anthropocene”. These dialogues are part of a global initiative Dialogues in Humanity to bring to the fore the human dimensions which are often neglected and marginal in susta

1. Scholarships for research stays in 2020

IGCS is proud to announce the scholarship program for 2020. We are inviting excellent researchers (Master and PhD students, Postdocs and Professors) from German universities research institutions who plan to visit IGCS at IIT Madras in 2020from Indian universities (IIT Madras, IIT Tirupati, IIT Palakkad, IIT Manid) who plan a research visit to a German university or research institution in 2020 to apply for an IGCS scholarship. We collect applicatio

3. The Indo-German Dialogue on Green Urban Practices is ready to take off for round no. 3!

The Indo-German Dialogue has brought together academics, civil society activists, government officials, policy makers and the corporate sector from Germany and India together to address the challenges of urbanization and sustainability since 2017. This year, 33 attendees will use this platform to go forth with new transdisciplinary research and practice projects. The dialogue takes place from December 5-7 at Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Edu

4. Conference report: Waste management for resilient cities and gender perspectives

The Chair of Waste Management and Emissions at the Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management (ISWA), University of Stuttgart, and IGCS were present at the International Solid Waste Association World Congress that took place from the 7th to 10th October, 2019 in Bilbao, Spain. In a session with the connecting theme Empowering Women in Recycling and the Circular Economy, Dr. Gabriela Garcés presented encouraging ideas

5. Message from Alumni: IGCS-fellows, take part in the survey and network!

IGCS-Alumni meet for a Design-Thinking Workshop in in Heidelberg in November 2018. Photo: Partik Kumar, 2018. Dear Fellow IGCS Alumni, We are pleased to announce that we have received over a hundred responses from the Alumni survey so far. It was wonderful to see so many Fellow IGCS Alumni interested to participate, share and contribute towards the IGCS Alumni Network. We are now in the planning stage of an ideal alumni network meet, taking fee

IGCS Winter School 2020 – Sustainability in the Peri-cene: Human settlements, food, ecology and governance

How can we understand the pressures and potentials of transformative peri-urban futures? It is nearly 33 years since the UN World Commission on Environment and Development (known in short as the Brundtland Commission) famously defined sustainable development as a process of change in which the “exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development; and institutional change are all in harmony and enhanc

Take a glimpse into the world of IGCS fellows!

PhD students Lukas and Nina both spent some time at IGCS in Chennai to conduct a research project this summer. With their short reports they allow us a glance over their shoulder into their life in Chennai, the ups and downs conducting their research and explain in what way their research contributes to sustainability. Nina at her field work, measuring pollution in sediments. Source: Piero Bellanova, 2019. Nina, RWTH Aachen University Topic:

Announcement: IGCS-Meeting on Urban Resilience 2 in Chennai from October 20 – 22

Urban Resilience 2: Coastal and River Management, Vulnerability and Sustainability IGCS-Meeting 20.10.-23.10.2019, Chennai In October 2017, we started a discussion on Urban Resilience on coastal and river floods or extreme events affecting megacities and settlements in coastal low lands. More than 1.5 billion people are currently living within 100 km of the coastal zones of the Earth, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. And the number is st

Research exchange scholarships in 2019: application period remains open

IGCS is happy to announce that it is still possible for students and researchers to apply for funding for a research exchange that deal with sustainability issues and is in line with IGCS focus areas. Please find all details regarding the eligibility and application procedure on our Offer-Website.

IGCS Summer School 2019: Growing through diversity

The IGCS Summer School on Smart Grids – Electricity Networks as the Backbone of a Carbon Neutral Society was conducted on the campus of the Technische Universität Dresden which is located in the beautifully reconstructed old town of Dresden, Germany. There were students from all backgrounds of academia, be it electrical or mechanical engineering or architecture or economics or environmental science, and I, Muskaan Kochar, consider myself privileged to